Business Advisory Lex Artifex, LLP provides comprehensive business advisory services and advises on all aspects of corporate and commercial law, including the formation of companies, partnerships and joint ventures, foreign investment, regulatory compliance issues, contentious and non-contentious liquidations, 處於破產, labour law and immigration. LEX ARTIFEX, LLP. prides on having the specialised knowledge and skills necessary to help all our clients achieve their business objectives. Lex Artifex Law Firm Corporate Advisory practice covers domestic and foreign direct investments, commercial contracts, 戰略聯盟, equity and asset disposals, 僱用, due diligence and risk management, governance (including anti-trust, 競爭, business ethics and anti-corruption) and insolvency.


我們指導和尼日利亞企業和商業法實踐,涵蓋與合同的談判議題廣泛代表本地和國際客戶, 企業結構, 兼併和收購, 合法單證的完善, 稅務事項, 獲得政府獎勵, 公司秘書服務, 等等.
該公司的諮詢服務涵蓋了盡職調查的完美, 法規遵從, 公司表示, 公司合同, 勞動和就業問題, 私募股權融資, 證券浮選, 債券, 企業融資和重組, 項目融資, 銀團貸款, 清盤, 處於破產, 知識產權, 海關規定, 企業社會責任, 外匯問題, 國際貿易和外國直接投資, 以及移民.